Fritidsresor / TUI

At my first assignment, I was in charge of creating 5 ads to their brochures in Sardinia. They provided the photos and what the text should be, and I did the rest. All was done via mail. Then I inserted the ads into the brochures (4 different languages).

Next I was assigned to create more ads for Isla Margarita, in Venezuela. They had troubles to find a company that could print it on time, and on budget, so I found a company that could do both requirements.

After that it was again time to create more ads for Sardinia. This time they also wanted me to get more involved in other parts of the brochure, like the car renting page.

Click on the link to see a sample page.


I got the task to create a brand new catalog from scratch. My client had one previously so they knew what information they wanted to have in it, but now with pictures and in color. My client was very pleased with the work and the end result. The catalog turned out the way they wanted it to. And this is the catalog that I am the most proud of of all the photography / prints that I have done.

Click on the link to see a sample page.