Here are the homepages that I have created, and a little explanation of each. 

I can create homepages for you, and/or I can have them on my server.

This homepage (2007)

This was created with the intent of showing what I can offer you, and to give you an idea of what I have done.

Nya Lamellgardiner (2009)

Online store for window blinds. My client wanted to have an easy way of selling the window blinds in custom sizes.
The customers are able to see the price online, and also see detailed pictures of the blinds, as well as making the order online.
I also took all the photos on the site, as well as did all the development.

Ã…husparken bostad (2007)

Showing potential customers for the appartments what they can buy. They are also able to sign up for news letters, and leave information on what type of appartments they where interested in, before the the project was started. They got an email after signing up.
Then my client could login and see/change the information (in the database).

Provesture (2006)

Showing the houses and the luxury appartments that my client was going to build, and sell.
My client wanted to have a very basic homepage that would show some overview, and some detailed pictures of the appartments. I recieved all the pictures and all the text and I was told to create a "news" page that my client could update very easy.

House for sale (2006)

I took the photos, and created a very basic homepage to show how the house looked like.

Murtraprodukter (2005, 2006)

They already had a homepage, and wanted to get the same look and feel on all pages, plus a web-order page. The web-order page is open to selected customers to place orders online, instead of via phone/fax.

Nodesoft (2001, 2006)

Me and a friend created some nice small utilities around 2000, and felt like publishing them. So I created the homepage in 2001, and changed it a few times until last time 2006. You can download the programs for free, and view some screenshots of how they look like on the page.

Gronistech (2000)

As I am very interested in computer hardware, I wanted to share my findings with the rest of the world.
Even if I don't have time to update it any longer, I still have some visitors every week reading about hardware they are planning to buy/have bought.

Wigot Konsult (2001)

A homepage presenting the consulting company. They knew what they wanted it to look like, based on what they had drawn on papers, and asked me if I could make it look like what they had drawn.
After a few years they chose to change to a different provider so that they could easier update the page them selves.

Hassans (199x, 2006)

The first commercial homepage that I created. This was to show which attractions there where in the amusement park. This has been changed a few times until 2006.

I was hired for a one time photo shoot, to take photograph the equipment so that the people visiting the webpage would get a familiar look and feel, on the web and in the gym.