Here I present what I can do for you, and your company.
All of this is based on what I have done in the past for other companies.


Configure the network for all clients, servers, printers, routers. Wireless or with cables or both.
Set up the router, everything from small routers to fairly complex cisco routers. And making sure that you use a high security while being able to work efficient. All networks that I operate use firewalls on the router, and all clients. Spyware checkers, and antivirus are a must. The wireless networks all use WPA2 for higher security.

Automated backups (one of the most important things in your network) which are easy to access from all clients. If you deleted a file on the server, you should be able to access the file with a good backup sollution, even if you accidentally deleted the file 3 months ago.

Do you want to have your own email server, so you don't have to pay another company every month, with a limited email inbox? I have set this up using Small Business Server and using Windows Server.

Should some computers have access to the office computers from home? Then I will setup a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the office, so that the selected employees can login from home and then copy files or remotely work with their PC.

Computer hardware

I am very frequently used to choose computers for different purposes, and different requirements. So I can build the best computer for the requirements. My interest in computer hardware have proven very useful to many of my clients, and they even want me to build their home PCs. I do anything from min barebone computers, to big watercooled / aircooled servers with RAID harddrives in SCSI or SATA.

If you prefer to use Dell, HP / Compaq or IBM, I have used them quite extensively as well. I know which computer hardware to use in offices and in public access areas.


I have experience with setting up computers (in network) from Windows for workgroups 3.11 to Windows 2008 server.

Do you have 5 or more clients in your network? Then you could probably benefit from creating a "standard" client, which saves time (and thereby money) the next time you have to replace one of your computers, or you will get a new employee who needs a computer. I can create this standard client from Windows 95 to Windows Vista.

Are you thinking of using SharePoint as an intranet / internet / extranet solution? I can help you with this, regardless if you want to use Small Business Server, or the real Windows Server.

Hosting your own webpage, or many webpages? As I host this page on my own, and many more, I can help you with your needs using Internet Information Server (IIS).

Solving daily computer problems, like Windows Update fails, what you need to do to get the update installed. If some programs work, and some others doesn't I can help sort out the "dll hell", or problems in the windows registry.


Do you have a program that you wish to package as an installation? I have used installshield since version 3, until version 10.5, so I would say that I can help you with your installation needs. Or you may wish to use One Click deployment from Microsoft. In either case, I can create the installation program for you.


If you want to have a custom program created for Windows or the web, I can help you using C Sharp/Visual (for windows) or (for the web).

Or if you just need some scripts (for doing the job faster, or for doing the job automated), then I can help with VB Script.